Ossie Nibbles Boiled Peanuts

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For over 100 years Queenslanders have enjoyed Boiled Salted Peanuts. Early settlers, drovers and swagmen, after cooking their corned meat, threw handfuls of peanuts into the salty water and one of the first Australian snack foods was born. Queenslanders consume huge quantities of Boiled Peanuts every year and now this unique product is available for other Australians to enjoy.  

Our mouth-watering boiled peanuts are carefully selected from Australia's  finest growers and expertly boiled to perfection in our own salty brine recipe so each deliciously addictive nut is packed with flavour and texture. Each bite delivers a delightfully soft yet satisfying crunch. Not only are they full of flavour and nutrition, they are also a fun and interactive snacking experience. They're cracking good!

Nutritious and healthy - Often referred to as 'nature's powerhouse', peanuts are packed with protein, fibre, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals, providing an abundance of nutrients in each serving and making them a satisfying and nutritious snack.  

Versatile - Enjoy the simple pleasure of cracking open a shell and savouring the delicious salty flavour of this refrigerated snack.  Boiled peanuts pair perfectly with a beer or cool drink.  Gather around and share a bag with your mates.  They're great for fishing and camping trips.  Kids love them. They will keep you coming back for more - and don't forget to share! 

We source fresh, quality wholesome Australian peanuts - supporting local farmers and the Australian economy.

Enjoy a healthy handful of our famous Ossies Nibbles bacon flavoured boiled peanuts!